Tickets for Gerry Cinnamon’s Aberdeen gig are on sale now – here’s where you can get them

Gerry Cinnamon performs on the Garden Stage.
Gerry Cinnamon performs on the Garden Stage

Tickets for Gerry Cinnamon‘s Aberdeen gig are on sale now.

The Scottish singer-songwriter will perform at the Beach Ballroom on Tuesday December 18.

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He announced the gig earlier this week after four shows in his home city sold out in ‘jig time’.

Cinnamon rose to fame in 2014 through word-of-mouth and social media after selling out smaller gigs in the city.

Gerry said: “The last year’s been wild. The album’s flying. Scottish tour sold out in jig time.

“England and Ireland dates done the same and then two nights in the ‘dam. And it’s all just from word of mouth. No big marketing.

“That means the folk who come to the gigs are there ’cause they love their tunes.

“That means it’s real. It might not seem like much but it means something to me.

“See when the crowd’s with you singing every word it’s a mad feeling. Beautiful mayhem.”

On his music Cinnamon says: “I knew some folk would dig it but I never expected a reaction like this.

“I’m a writer first and a musician second so it’s cool to be recognised for the writing and not just the live shows.

“Not a fan of the music game but as long as folk dig the tunes then it’s worth it.”